Fly Inn Air Park (FAFlyinn)
Category B – Verified
Pilot Information

The Fly Inn Estate is a Private Residential Airport restricted to residents and invited guests only. Fly Inn Estate is owned and managed by the Fly Inn Home Owners Association, with a 900 meter grass surface runway. Use by the general public is forbidden unless prior arrangements have been made.

Aircraft at Fly Inn should at all times be operated according to the ANR’s (Air Navigation Regulations), and as such should not be operated at low level above the residential estate, or in any way that is an inconvenience to residents of the estate and the immediate environment. Consideration should be given to the non-flying community of the estate as well as to the surrounding community.

Only minimum power may be used in the residential and refuelling area, including the taxi area to reduce noise and dust pollution. No extended running of engines in the residential area is allowed.

Home owners normally take off runway 24, a downhill concrete runway with a tight right hand out (left hand out under normal take-off will violate OR Tambo CTR) and land uphill on runway 06 grass. The majority of times you will experience a cross wind.

All aircraft landing on runway 24 must continue to the exit on 06 taxiway. No backtracking on the grass portion of runway is permitted.

Runway Lights are for emergency use only.

No night flying allowed.


The most common entry point into the aerodrome would be entering and contacting Waterkloof tower 2NM north of the Bapsfontein tower at or below 6 500ft. If you are approaching runway 06, a left-hand pattern should be used and an early base turn to avoid entering OR Tambo CTR. OR Tambo CTR boundary is located 500m from the threshold of 06. Do do not enter the OR Tambo CTR without the proper clearances from the Controllers.

Routing from W route via Shell Ultra City – Pinedene route. From S, E and N route via Bapsfontein.

Caution numerous power lines area.

Taxiways are dual use, be alert for vehicles and pedestrians. Taxi speed must be a brisk walk.


06/24 990 x 20m concrete and grass
06 – uphill with grass

Elevation: 5 300ft


ATC Waterkloof TWR 124.10
JHB SR East 125.40
Microland & Bapsfontein 120.35 (listen & lookout)


Avgas is available with prior arrangement. Contact Gabriel Venter 082 771 4873.

JHB Special Rules Area Map